When will I get my logo?

We'll have a first-draft of your logo within 36-48 hours. If revisions are needed we can send another draft within another 36-48 hours. When your logo is ready, we can finalize the logo and handoff the files within 24 hours.

Your website says free revisions. Is it really unlimited revisions?

Yes, there's no question to it. There are no limits to this rule. We have talented designers who are specialized in every type of logo design — We'll use every one of them to get you the right logo, if that's what it takes.

Will I own the rights to my logo?

Of course! We have no intention of holding anyone's rights hostage. You'll wholly own the finalized logo you choose when place an order through our company.

Can you include our slogan in the logo?

Yes, you'll have an opportunity to tell us your slogan when going through our order process. We can absolutely include your slogan.

I have an idea for my logo. Can you implement it?

Sure, we'd love to bring your idea to life! If you have a sketch of something, that gets the idea accross and you want us to turn it into a work of art — we'd love to help. You can even just tell us your ideas and our artists will sketch up some ideas.

I like my old logo. Can you alter/update it?

Absolutely! Logos can fall out of touch if they have design elements that get tied to certain eras, and occassionally need refactored to consider the modern world. We love recreating icons/logos with a modern take.

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